Question: Is the consultation free?

Consultation is always free.  I will not expect a deposit until you have decided to use my service.

Question: What if I need more than 3 revisions?

You shouldn't need more than 3 revisions to make your website the way you like it.  You will be informed of every step throughout the process until your website is completed.  If you changed your mind after the project is completed, you can request changes at my hourly rate of $50 per hour.

Question: How much is the monthly maintenance fee?

If you prefer a lower upfront fee, I offered a monthly maintenance plan which include 1 update per month for $19.95 per month.  This plan requires a 12 month agreement.

Question: What web hosting service will host my website?

Either you choose one-time web design service or monthly maintenance service, your website will be hosted by Site Ground.  I have found Site Ground to be the most reliable and the fastest speed.  

Question: Can I keep my current domain name?

Of course you can.  I will help you with the transfer from your old hosting service to Site Ground without any additional charge.